Out of all the services we offer, one of our major strong points is customer experience management

Our aim is, to offer specialist expertise around customer experience. Our belief has always been that, given the right support and advice, a defining customer experience is achievable by any organisation, large or small. Even if your resources are limited, or the mountain ahead seems just too high and craggy, we always believe there’s a way we can help and get you started.

Creating exceptional customer experience doesn’t mean that you need spend a huge amount on consultants, In fact, the less reliance you have on them, the better. That’s why we keep our approach very simple.

Our principles

Provide specialist customer experience expertise and an authoritative voice on what works (and what doesn’t!)

Stimulate bolder thinking and inspire actions that win loyalty and make brands stand out from competitors

Provide a simplified approach, that keeps you focused on the actions that deliver maximum impact.

We teach you how to do it

Rather than us sending in a bunch of consultants to do it for you, we use our masterclasses and workshops to educate and prepare your team to implement customer experience. This helps you build the right foundation and create the internal capability to ensure success.

We come in at key points only

Our value-add is in the expertise and advice we bring when and where you need it, rather than ramp up costs for stuff like project management (much more effective if done by you).

We help you mitigate financial risk

We help you think big but keep costs small. Stage by stage, we work with you to build your strategy, build the confidence of your team, and then pilot and refine your ideas. This enables you to demonstrate the business case before committing to any large-scale investment.

We focus only on those things that deliver the greatest impact

You can’t do it all at once. So we advise you on the ‘when and where’ to maximise value and minimise cost


eLeader’s advanced analytics systems include unmatched data sources, world-class analytic talent, and state-of-the-art tools and technology. We identify critical insights to understand and target the right shoppers with the right products, right channels, right locations at the right time.


Tasks are formally agreed clearly before things are done so you have the peace of mind that things are done correctly from the start.


We understand that change is inevitable often at short notice! ABC Retail Support’s systems and flexibility means that we can adapt to a client’s changing demands quickly while still delivering exceptional results in store.


At ABC Retail Support, we look to forge connections on many levels. Whether it’s linking consumers to brands, or insights to ideas, these connections fuel growth for our valued clients and customers. As a trusted partner, we nurture these connections with a smart, inventive approach and talented people whose commitment to excellence make it personal